A very important objective in individual, family and business planning is the protection of assets and personal wealth.  Insurance vehicles can often be a very meaningful strategic part of the planning and asset protection process, depending on unique client circumstances.  We do not view insurance as a “product”, but rather as a key strategic tool oftentimes supporting and underpinning comprehensive overall wealth, estate and business planning goals.

What we do

We have decades of comprehensive insurance policy analysis and assessment.  We provide multi-disciplinary coverage analysis and recommendations, as part of the overall planning process.

Focused solely on unique client needs with no in-house products to sell, we conduct an objective and independent approach to underwriting strategic insurance needs.  Our comprehensive reach allows us access to hundreds of insurance companies in reviewing underwriting results and assessing favorable insurance pricing for individual circumstances.  Our goal is to implement strategic insurance programs for clients that act to maximize value within the integrated overall financial, estate and business succession planning process.

Strategic use of life insurance vehicles

Our team brings expert analysis, design and implementation of life insurance programs to help families and businesses meet financial income and liquidity needs.  Strategic uses of life insurance include, but are not limited to the following:

Loss Of Income Protection To Families At Death
Funding Buy-Sell Agreements For Business Succession Planning Purposes
Creating Tax-Free Liquidity For Estate Taxation On Personal Wealth Or Family Business Transfer/Succession Planning Needs

Disability insurance as a means to protect younger families and business owners, and as a means to preserve financial assets

What is your most valuable asset? Unless you are already retired, or have reached a place of financial independence, it is likely your ability to generate income. Disability insurance is valuable protection for the loss of your income associated with sickness, accident or injury. Our team brings expert analysis of current coverage, design and implementation of personal and corporate sponsored disability programs.

Long term care insurance protection for families and corporations

Advances in medicine are affording our population longer life expectancies, however are not necessarily allowing us to live in senior years without independence challenges. The costs associated with the delivery of Long-Term Care can be significant, whether in the home, facility, or medical assisted care. These costs are largely not tax-deductible and often result in the deterioration of personal net worth, and can pinch the ongoing income of a healthy spouse faced with the challenge of paying for care for the spouse in need of assistance. Our team provides expert guidance in the design of personal and corporate tax-deductible sponsored Long-Term Care programs.