For most family and closely-held businesses, planning for the succession or exit of an owner out of your business can be a daunting challenge. Our experience is that once our clients see that we deploy a proven process for developing their plan, they experience the peace of mind necessary to commit the energy to building their plan.

Whether your objective is to transition your company to heirs, to key-employees, to an ESOP, or prepare for a sale to a third party strategic or financial buyer.  The Seven Step Exit Planning Process™ we utilize develops a customized roadmap aligned with your goals, designed to help you maximize value and minimize taxes and makes the transition easier on you and your business.

In creating a plan for an owner’s successful business exit, there are numerous issues to consider: your timeline to your exit from the business, your lifestyle and financial goals upon exiting, what non-business recourses you will have available to meet your financial goals, the value of the business, the tax cost of the liquidity event of your business, and more.

The value of developing a formal, written business exit plan cannot be overestimated for what will likely be the single, most significant financial event of your lifetime, the transition out of your business.

Below are some of the companies that have graciously given us permission to highlight that we serve them: