Peace of mind, financial security, financial independence, all common topics of client discussion when setting objectives for planning and a passion of our advisors in serving our clients.

“There exist two primary risks in investing, loss of capital and lost opportunity.  We can eliminate either one, but not both simultaneously.  We strive to position ourselves between these two risks in a disciplined manner as market cycles and individual asset class characteristics shift over time.”

Superior investment results and effective risk management are obtained through a disciplined and ongoing process of portfolio construction and asset class selection.  Our primary goal is to preserve client wealth while identifying and participating in investment opportunities that poses attractive return potential relative to underlying risk.  This begins with a thorough understanding of individual client values, goals, objectives, tax and legal circumstances.  Client portfolios are typically broadly diversified with a disciplined investment thesis behind every asset class selection as well as total portfolio allocation.

We believe successful long term investment performance is created by appropriate diversification, optimization in strategic and tactical asset allocation, and ongoing active portfolio management.  We recognize and respond to the reality that investment decisions carry tax consequences.  Our scale and experience provides the ability to support in-house investment research and evaluation, distinct from Wall Street “salesmanship.” Capital Planning Advisors provides clients with an open architecture platform and sometimes when appropriate creates fund of funds and limited partnership structures to aggregate client assets with the aim of capitalizing on unique investment initiatives.

Capital Planning Advisors provides financial reporting and analysis which includes investment performance evaluation, investment strategy updates and asset allocation. We are committed to and believe that frequent communication is essential for building client relationships based on trust.