Qualified Retirement Plans

Qualified Retirement Plans, such as 401k’s, Profit Sharing Plans, and Pension Plans, are an excellent way for a company to help employees build pre-tax, creditor protected, retirement wealth. The Fiduciary employer responsibilities associated with offering these plans are often overlooked and unmet by employer plan sponsors and their advisors. Our team of experienced professionals understands these responsibilities, and delivers a fiduciary service standard to our employer clients, and their employees, that manages these responsibilities and continually provides employee retirement and investment education.

Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

Though our professionals are experienced in delivering creative plan designs that help our employer clients direct retirement plan contributions toward the employee groups they are seeking to benefit, qualified retirement plans are limited in their design flexibility, per ERISA. To augment this lack of flexibility, our professionals also deliver Non-Qualified Retirement Plans designed to provide carve-out executive benefits that permit discriminatory funding only to a company’s most key-employees, while often containing extended vesting schedules to help motivate the retention of the company’s key-employees. These plans can consist of Deferred Compensation Plans, SERP’s, Carve-out Pension Benefits, Phantom Stock Plans and Stock Appreciation Right Plans, Non-Qualified Retirement Plans are limited to Executive and Highly Compensated employees and are often a valuable component of a successful business succession program.  Other types of flexible and valuable plans include Split-Dollar Plans, Executive Disability and Long-Term Care Plans.

Our team of professionals is experienced in determining the most beneficial combination of plans through the completion of a formal plan design process with the client, driven by the company’s incentive objectives and the employees most motivating factors.